Global Package

Congratulations on your pregnancy. I want to take a minute to explain your charges during your pregnancy. The charges are grouped into a “global package”.

The global package includes the following for routine pregnancy care:

  • Monthly visits up to 28 weeks
  • Bi-weekly visits from 28 weeks to 36 weeks
  • Weekly visits from 36 weeks until delivery
  • Delivery charges and six weeks postpartum visit

Expenses outside of the “global package” include:

  • Initial detailed history, physical exam and educational counseling
  • Lab charges
  • Fetal testing
  • Ultrasounds
  • Hospital charges
  • Visits to the office which may be indicated, other than visits listed above

Due to recent changes in Medicaid coverage, Dr. Harris may not be able to treat illnesses which are not related to pregnancy. For example, if the primary doctor listed on your Medicaid card is someone other than Dr. Harris, he/she may choose to have Dr. Harris treat you for these symptoms, but your primary doctor must be notified. I realize this may be confusing and inconvenient, but it is the rule for Medicaid recipients.

If you have other insurance, we will be happy to verify your coverage for you, including the amount that will be paid by your insurance company. We will Help you set up a payment plan with CareCredit for any amount that is not payable, according to the terms specified by your insurance. This amount is expected to be paid in full on or before the seventh month of your pregnancy. This is an estimated amount, which may leave a balance after your insurance has paid on all expenses, including your delivery. Any amount owed after all the payments are made, will need to be paid in full upon receiving a statement from the office. Any refunds will be given as well.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to speak with someone in the front office.
Thank you for your cooperation,

Executive Physician Office Coordinator