Guidlines for Health

Dr. Jeffrey L. Harris’ Recommendations for Healthy Living

The following educational topics can be discussed in depth with your health care provider and are considered an important part of you health care regimen.


  • Take any medications that Dr. Harris has prescribed. Be sure to follow the prescription duration and instructions.
  • Make certain that Dr. Harris is aware of all medication prescribed by any other physician, including changes to medications. If you have been seen in the Emergency Department and were given additional medication, please inform Dr. Harris.
  • Avoid all alcohol and all medications that are not prescribed by Dr. Harris. This includes avoiding all over-the-counter medications, vitamins and minerals or medications prescribed by another physician.

Health Care Routine:

  • Keep all scheduled doctor appointments, follow-up appointments and annuals.
  • Stop smoking. Feel free to as Dr. Harris about and suggestions and/or instructions about smoking cessation.
  • Eat several small balanced meals throughout the day. If you are pregnant, eating a healthy meal is vital to having a healthy child and birth. Nutrition is also vital for breastfeeding. For more information about pregnancy and breast feeding, please visit our website at
  • Be healthier. It is a medical fact that by eating healthier, balanced meals you can reduce your risk of cancer, heart disease and other diet related illnesses, including diabetes. Reducing excessive caffeine intake (coffee, tea, chocolate, etc.) avoiding excessive alcohol consumption, and reducing dietary sodium intake can reduce your risk for diet induced hypertension.
  • Stay physically active. Virtually everyone can and should engage in moderate low impact exercise. Discuss details with Dr. Harris before participating in any activity which is strenuous or which you are uncertain of the impact.
  • Enjoy reading your education brochure. Be sure to request information pertaining to your health care needs. A nurse will be glad to provide additional information