101 Ways to Manage Stress

Take 10 deep breaths Visualize a relaxing scene Learn to say "no" Stay clutter-free Read good books Stretch Take a brisk walk Laugh often Believe in yourself Prioritize tasks Try yoga Get some fresh air Hug someone Get plenty of sleep Take up aerobics Watch a movie Spend time with positive people Make to-do lists Stroll through a zoo a museum Sip a cup of herbal tea Enjoy a hobby Confront your feelings Go for a bike ride Plan ahead Talk with a friend Dance Laugh at yourself Count your blessings Read a magazine Hike a nature trail Set realistic goals Sing Think positively Squeeze a stress ball Tighten then relax muscle groups Eat right Take a nap Walk away Vary your routine Get a massage Ask for help Find a quiet spot to relax Take regular breaks Listen to soothing music See problems as challenges Avoid caffeine Smile more Go skating Quit tobacco today Paint your rooms in relaxing colors Cry if necessary Be flexible Don't procrastinate Try aromatherapy; dab some lavender on your wrist Spend some time with loved ones Celebrate life Shoot some hoops Do one task at a time Meditate Plant a small garden Go for a swim Avoid distractions Budget time and money Share jokes Play games with friends Look at the big picture Get up earlier Set limits Go canoeing Express your feelings Treat yourself to a gift Simplify your life Reflect on your joys Punch a pillow Go out to lunch Don't dwell on the past Play with a pet Go the the park Surround yourself with objects you love Soak in the tub Wear comfortable clothes and shoes Forgive and forget Delegate work Play tennis with a friend Have plants at work and home Daydream Bake a healthy treat Let the answering machine take your calls Take a vacation Fly a kite Learn something new Volunteer in your community Go out for a frozen yogurt Tell yourself,"I am calm and relaxed" Rub your neck and shoulders Take the bus or carpool Have a picnic Savor every meal Appreciate the beauty around you Take it one day at a time Make someone smile : )